About Us

Credit Bureau “Creditinfo“ stores information about credit risk for businesses and private entities, forms the credit history, and establishes credit ratings. The systematically provided information is meant for identifying clients of high solvency and bankruptcy risk. “Creditinfo“ provides information about payment history of businesses and private persons, interfaces with businesses, financial reports, changes in employees and management, distress, judicial proceedings, and other information, which is essential in order to ensure a good quality of customer portfolio.




Kredito biuras Creditinfo - Goštauto g. 40A, LT-03163 Vilnius, Lietuva
Įmonėms: +370 5 239 4131; Gyventojams: +370 5 239 4149. I-IV 8-17 val., V 8-15:45 val.; Žiniasklaidai: +370 686 49154 Įmonėms: info@creditinfo.lt; Gyventojams: info@manocreditinfo.lt; Žiniasklaidai: ausrine.motiejuniene@creditinfo.com

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