Credit Bureau System

Statistics show that every other company operating in Lithuania has a debt, and average age of bankrupt company is over 8 years. The detailed information about the status of clients and business partners will help you to avoid contracts with entities of high solvency or bankruptcy risk. The Credit Bureau system stores, constantly adds and updates the unique data about all the companies and natural persons in Lithuania.

  • Debts to banks, credit unions, leasing companies, telecommunications, distribution of electricity, heating, insuring, fuel and in many other sectors;
  • Information from state registers (Register of Legal Entities, Judicial Information Systems, Register of Mortgage, State Enterprise “Regitra“, “Sodra“ etc.);

The Credit Bureau system provides econometric delays for payment and bankruptcy ratings, indicating what is the possibility that people will be late to pay for 90 days, or will go bankrupt. The predictions are provided for a period of 12 months and will help to evaluate the capability of business partner not only at this moment, but also for the nearest future.

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