The Strongest in Lithuania


“The Strongest in Lithuania 2018” and “The Strongest CEO in Lithuania 2018” are certificates confirming that the company and the company manager are reliable, fulfil and are very likely to fulfil their financial obligations in the future.

Situation in the business market. Delays in pay are characteristic to all economic cycles. To us, the credit bureau “Creditinfo”, the solvency of a company is more than its financial situation. To us, a solvent company is a company that combines its favourable financial results with respect towards its providers and other business partners and which is willing to control its payment processes. We feel obliged to help such companies to demonstrate its advantage against their competitors. By applying the most advanced econometric methods, which are constantly improved, and basing our work on the strictest criteria, we issue certificates “The Strongest in Lithuania 2018”, signifying good solvency.

These certificates can demonstrate financial stability and reliability of the company. The company or a manager that have been certificated can prove to their current or potential business partners or clients that they are financially reliable and capable of meeting their financial obligations in time.

How the strongest ones are evaluated? The most important criterion awarding the certificates “The Strongest in Lithuania 2018” and “The Strongest CEO in Lithuania 2018” are high rates of solvency, which indicate the forecast of low statistical probability not to meet the financial obligations for 90 or more days in the upcoming period of 12 months. Company solvency is evaluated and its rank is determined on the basis of the credit history (financial obligations and payment history), financial results and the changes thereof (income, profit, liquidity, equity capital, etc.), business connections, also the seizure of assets and other information.

Values of the “The Strongest in Lithuania”:

  • You will strengthen the trust of your partners both in Lithuania and abroad.
  • You will maintain the image of a loyal partner.
  • You will emphasise your competitive advantage.
  • You will strengthen your position as an employer.

Values of the certificate “The Strongest CEO in Lithuania 2018”:

  • You will strengthen the trust of your partners.
  • You will emphasise the combination of personal and professional interests.
  • You will demonstrate your spotless credit reputation.
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