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What the Strongest certificate stands for

Strongest in Lithuania certificate confirms that the company is reliable and is very likely to fulfil their financial obligations in the future. The certificate indicates good economic position and financial results of the company, as well as its proper payment discipline. This is proof of the contribution to the development of the Lithuanian economy and honest business culture.

How the Strongest ones are evaluated?

The most important criterions awarding the Strongest in Lithuania certificate are high rates of solvency, which indicate the forecast of low statistical probability not to meet the financial obligations for 90 or more days in the upcoming period of 12 months. Company solvency is evaluated and its rank is determined on the basis of the credit history (financial obligations and payment history), financial results and the changes thereof (income, profit, liquidity, equity capital, etc.), business connections, also the seizure of assets and other information.

Certification of companies Strongest in Lithuania Leaders additionally assess 5-year credit history. This certificate indicates that your company has managed to maintain its proper payment discipline for five consecutive years and that you are a trustworthy partner

The Strongest leaders

Strongest in Lithuania CEO certificate shall be awarded on the basis of a statistical rating model provided that its probability of being late in fulfilling financial obligations does not exceed 1,7%. The managers that have been certificated can prove to their current or potential business partners being financially reliable and capable of meeting their financial obligations in time.

Is your company one of the Strongest?

Are you one of those financially strong companies that generate 77% of total Lithuania’s business profit and over half of turnover? Check if you meet the criteria of Strongest, join the elite club and use the benefits of certification.

Client Testimonials

Jūratė Rudienė

“I am delighted with the results achieved by the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel. We are not only one of the largest hotels and conference centres in Kaunas, but also a reliable partner in the list of the Strongest in Lithuania Leaders.”

Jūratė Rudienė

Radisson General Manager, Park Inn by Radisson
Mindaugas Mikalajūnas

“Without the trust of our investors, partners and clients the performance of SME Finance would not be as successful as it is now. We are proud that our results speak for themselves, and the Strongest in Lithuania certificate is an encouragement to continue being leaders in our field.”

Mindaugas Mikalajūnas

CEO, SME Finance
Edgaras Rimgaila

“On the basis of the Strongest in Lithuania certificate we can say that we are consistent in fostering our value-centred financial reputation.”

Edgaras Rimgaila

CEO, Easting Group
Alina Kanapėnienė

“The Strongest in Lithuania certificate has become part of our company’s image, helped us earn great customer trust and highlighted our advantage over other businesses in the industry. We are pleased that professionalism and honesty do not go unnoticed.”

Alina Kanapėnienė

General Manager, UAB Alipro
Evaldas Bertašius

“The Strongest in Lithuania rating is a sign of a responsible and reliable company that creates great added value. The rating further strengthens our relationship with customers and business partners.”

Evaldas Bertašius

General Manager, UAB Išmanus meistras
Ramūnas Vaičys

“The goal of every business is to make a profit, but how it is achieved is just as important. The Strongest in Lithuania certificate is a proof that the company nurtures its values and adheres to corporate ethics.”

Ramūnas Vaičys

CEO, MB Ramos Paslaugų Grupė



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