*We’ve calculated that more than half (58%) of the debts made public in the credit bureau system (KBS) were settled in less than 30 days.

Inform your indebted clients, partners or colleagues and avoid financial risks in the future by being able to check on late-payment businesses and individuals.

Debtors will not hide

When a debt is made public in the credit bureau system (KBS), it becomes visible to anyone interested in a specific company or individual. Information about overdue debt often leads to financial inconvenience and encourages the fulfilment of obligations. By sharing information about debtors in KBS:

  • You will recover overdue debts faster.
  • You will help business partners avoid unwanted financial surprises.
  • Publicised debt will cause inconvenience to the debtor, such as obstacles in obtaining credit or signing contracts for communication, internet or other services with deferred payments.
  • You can identify potential business risks in the future by exchanging information about debtors.

Report overdue debts

Do not wait for debts to pile up before they reach you. Share information about a non-performing individual in the credit bureau system and recover it faster. The sooner you report overdue debt, the better the chances of recovering it.

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