Business credit scores will help you track your client and partner portfolio and assess potential financial risks.

Depending on your business model, you can check the client’s credit score that suits your needs:

Delayed payments

Delays in reporting to a financial institution


Business credit scores are calculated based on:

  • Sector information (unique sector risk coefficient).
  • Company financial information.
  • Frequency of queries (frequent inquiries indicate a higher risk of late payments).
  • Negative information: outstanding and past debts, late or still outstanding payments. 
  • Business relationships. 
  • Other negative information (e.g. lawsuits, bailiff notices, etc.).

Continuously monitor your client and partner portfolio and manage potential financial risks with CREDITINFO business credit scores. By monitoring your companies’ credit scores, you’ll know the biggest risk factors for your company and take action to improve your credit rating. This will open up new financing opportunities.