By consistently monitoring the economic status of customers, partners and competitors, you can avoid potential business surprises. This does not require a lot of resources, just a subscription to the CREDITINFO monitoring service.

Spot the first signs of insolvency

Monitoring is a solution designed to learn promptly about changes in the financial status of selected partners or clients. These changes can be viewed and analysed in more detail by accessing your KBS account. This will help identify signs of insolvency and discover new collaboration opportunities:

  • You can immediately learn about significant changes in a partner’s financial status: positive, negative and neutral.
  • You can react quickly to emerging financial risks or future prospects.
  • You can continuously monitor the overall status of clients, partners or competitors.
  • You can prevent unwanted events.
You can get to know the business before even starting to work with it

The monitoring service not only saves time and resources but also helps to manage threats and discover new development opportunities.

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