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Just like climbing Everest, the year 2022 presented numerous challenges and unpredictable conditions for the Lithuanian business landscape, making it difficult to spot the peak.

However, the strongest companies in Lithuania rose above the rest, showcasing their resilience, adaptability and unwavering ambition. Now, it’s your chance to fly your company’s flag high above the competition.
Stand out from the crowd: the prestigious Strongest in Lithuania 2023 certificate is your ultimate symbol of success on the business Everest.


Are you the strongest?

The prestigious “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate is the longest-standing confirmation of creditworthiness in Lithuania and has been awarded since 2011. This is how Creditinfo evaluates financially sound companies with a good credit history. “Strongest in Lithuania” is not only renowned within the country but is also recognised and respected by international partners.

The certificate demonstrates that your company boasts a healthy financial standing, promptly fulfils tax obligations and ensures timely payments to business partners and employees. This esteemed recognition is reserved for companies with impeccable reputations that contribute to the growth of the Lithuanian economy and foster a fair business culture.

With only a select number of companies in the Baltic States achieving the highest credit rating, it’s time to ask yourself: could you be among them? Embrace the opportunity to showcase your strength and join the ranks of the most successful businesses in Lithuania!

Advantages of the certification service

  • Demonstrate that your organization is in solid financial standing.
  • Create the impression of a reliable business partner.
  • Draw attention to your company’s competitive edge.
  • Build a reputation as a responsible employer.
  • Use your electronic or printed certificate to substantiate your company’s creditworthiness.
  • Your company’s name will be published in the list of certified companies in Verslo žinios.
  • Your company’s name will be added to the list of accredited businesses on creditinfo.lt.
  • The “Strongest in Lithuania” logo will be displayed next to the company’s contact information on the website rekvizitai.vz.lt
  • The “Strongest in Lithuania” logo will be displayed next to the company’s job ads on the website cvbankas.lt.
  • The “Strongest in Lithuania” logo will appear with the company’s information in Creditinfo’s creditworthiness report, which financial institutions use to make choices.
  • The possibility to publish your company’s presentation on the “Strongest in Lithuania” Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

About the “Strongest in Lithuania”

What is the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate?

“Strongest in Lithuania” is a distinction awarded to financially stable Lithuanian businesses that have an excellent credit history. The certificate attests to the company’s dependability and high likelihood of meeting its financial commitments in the future. This ranking shows the company’s strong financial position and performance, as well as its commitment to the growth of the Lithuanian economy and a fair corporate culture. The “Strongest in Lithuania” accreditation is an independent external certification of the company’s trustworthiness, facilitating risk assessment and creating long-term value.

Is the “Strongest” rating international?

The Creditinfo Lietuva credit bureau started providing this certification service more than ten years ago, following the model of Scandinavian countries. The “Strongest In” certificate is extensively used and well-known not just in Scandinavia, but also across the Baltic States: “Strongest in Estonia” is already in its fifteenth year, while the “Strongest in Latvia” is in its fifth year.

What are the certification requirements?

A good credit rating is the most significant assessment factor for the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate. It demonstrates a low predicted statistical likelihood of defaulting for 90 days or more during the next 12 months.

A company’s solvency is evaluated and its ratings are based on its credit history. It consists of the fulfilment of the company’s financial obligations, punctuality of payments, financial results and their changes such as changes in revenue, profit, liquidity, equity, and other financial indicators. It also considers business connections, foreclosures, the status of the industry and other pertinent information. The credit rating considers over 100 distinct performance factors, each of which has a different influence on a company’s rating. Read the certification rules here.

How many certified businesses exist in Lithuania?

According to Creditinfo Lietuva data, over 15,000 enterprises have used the “Strongest in Lithuania” accreditation in the past 13 years. Trade, service, manufacturing, construction and transportation companies are those most commonly accredited.

“Strongest Leaders in Lithuania”

Certification of organisations with the “Strongest Leaders in Lithuania” certificate includes a 5-year credit history evaluation. This certificate shows that the firm has been able to maintain acceptable financial discipline for at least five years in a row and is a long-term trusted business partner. Nearly 1,000 companies have been named among the “Strongest in Lithuania” for five years in a row, earning the title of “Strongest Leaders in Lithuania”. Most companies use the certificate also when competing in foreign markets, so they apply to Creditinfo Lietuva for certificates in English.

“Strongest Leaders in Lithuania”

The “Strongest Leaders in Lithuania” certificate is given to company executives who demonstrate strong personal financial discipline and dependability. According to payment history, the certificate “Strongest Leaders in Lithuania” is only given to the CEOs of enterprises whose likelihood of late payment does not exceed 1.7%. This examination enables qualified managers’ business partners to demonstrate financial stability and the capacity to pay their obligations on time.

Are you the Strongest?

Consider yourself to be one of the most financially robust corporations in Lithuania, accounting for 77% of the country’s earnings and accounting for more than half of the country’s turnover? Check whether you fulfil the “Strongest in Lithuania” standards, join the circle of the most responsible businesses and accomplish even greater goals by utilising the benefits of this accreditation.

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