By familiarising yourself with the information in a professional report, you will assess the economic condition and reliability of a future business partner. The insights and recommendations in a professional report will help you avoid financial surprises in the future. 

A broad view of the company that matters to you

Whether you’re working with a new supplier or a partner, checking a business credit history will help you get to know the business itself. To evaluate a business, we collect data from various sources and use unique CREDITINFO solutions so that you can:

  •                Evaluate ratings (bankruptcy, payment delays), automatic credit limits, debts.
  •                Find a comprehensive financial situation overview in one place.
  •                Make informed financial decisions.
  •                Check the credibility of your business partner.
  •                Manage potential business risks.
  •                Save time and resources: no need to navigate through unverified information.

You can get to know the business before even starting to work with it

Before starting to work with a new business, a professional report will provide informed insights and forecasts that will help anticipate future perspectives and avoid financial pitfalls.