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Credit bureau “Creditinfo” helps to make credit decisions for all commercial banks, 98 % of other credit institutions and for more than 1500 business ventures.



With the help of statistical and econometric modeling we develop various rating models. Our solutions enable a quick processing of large amount of information and predict future customer behavior, identify fraud, evaluate customer, etc.

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Products and services of Credit Bureau “Creditinfo“ are meant to identify the risk of payment delays and bankruptcy, as well as to establish the possibility of fraud. In order to make these decisions, we use econometric modelling and many years of experience of “Creditinfo“ in the field of risk management. Our main activity consists of collecting, storing and managing information, which guarantees the good quality of your customer portfolio. Our decisions are used by all of the banks operating in Lithuania, credit unions, as well as leasing companies of leasing, telecommunications and others. Join our Credit Bureau and we will help you to identify the risk on time as well as to make smart decisions.

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